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. . . . . 2015 TOUR SCHEDULE . . . . .


Migrants, Vagrants, Seabirds & Whales
17 September 2015 - 21 September 2015, 5 days & 4 nights

Grand Manan lies at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, a 90-minute ferry ride from mainland New Brunswick. It is a migrant and vagrant trap, similar to Monhegan Island that is described below. However, Grand Manan is much larger than Monhegan, so instead of walking the entire time, we will drive to various locations around the island for our daily outings. We'll search for warblers, sparrows, wrens, and thrushes, a fine selection of eastern North American migrants. Among these we'll watch for the occasional western, southern, or even Eurasian vagrant, like the Ruff and Dickcissel we found in 2003, Black Skimmer in 2010, and numerous South Polar Skuas in 2012. On at least one day we'll go by boat on a pelagic birding trip into the rich offshore waters. Here we are likely to find seabirds and cetaceans, possibly in very large numbers. Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, Pomarine Jaeger, and Manx, Greater, and Sooty Shearwaters can all be expected, and many additional species including Wilson's Storm-Petrel, Northern Fulmar, and Great or South Polar Skua are possible. As many as seven species of cetaceans inhabit these waters in autumn, including the extremely rare Northern Right Whale. You can take just this tour or continue on to Monhegan Island, Maine, described below. Go on both the Grand Manan and Monhegan Tours, and the room and meals on the day between the two tours are FREE! Bob Schutsky is the scheduled tour leader.

Price: $2075.00 from Bangor, Maine    

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