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The following photos were taken by Andy Griswold of Connecticut Audubon.
Photo A pair of Galapagos Mockingbirds.
Another pair, this time two handsome Galapagos Hawks. Photo
Photo A Green Warbler-Finch.
This is typical of the rugged landscape. Photo
Photo The unique Flightless Cormorant.
Look at the feet on this Blue-footed Booby! Photo
Photo The Galapagos Gull has a very striking wing pattern.
Everyone enjoys watching penguins. As you might expect, this one is named Galapagos Penguin. Photo
Photo A male Great Frigatebird in full breeding display.
A multitude of White-vented and/or Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrels coursing above the near shore region. [Note Sam's VERY tame penguin in front of his right knee.] Photo
Photo Marine Iguanas sunning themselves, just like the tour participants.
You are likely to see Sally Lightfoot Crabs on the rocks among the iguanas. Photo
Photo Galapagos Sea Lions also like to bask on the beach. Just like almost all of the wildlife in this unique region, they are totally unafraid of humans.
The Giant Tortoise prefers the more vegetated areas. Photo
Photo A wonderful view from your boat.
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