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Any tour dates that have already passed will be almost exactly the same dates in the upcoming year. Please contact Bird Treks with any tours that interest you, and we will update the exact dates and any change in price. If there is a change in the itinerary, we will also define that for you. Continue to check the web site for any additional updated tour information.

. . . . . 2018 TOUR SCHEDULE . . . . .


21 June 2018 - 27 June 2018, 7 days & 6 nights

Coastal Maine is a fantastic destination. In addition to the abundance of breeding bird species, it has a rugged shoreline with beautiful views of the ocean, scenic lakes and cliffs, and seemingly endless spruce and fir forests. The food is great, and the accommodations quite comfortable. After meeting in Bangor, we will head for the coast. Our destination is Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park. Some of our first raptors should include Osprey, Bald Eagle, and possibly a Peregrine Falcon. A few of the songbirds that we will search for are Pileated Woodpecker, Alder and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Blue-headed Vireo, and numerous warblers including Nashville, Chestnut-sided, and Magnolia. Scanning the near shore waters can yield nice looks at Common Loon, Great Cormorant, and Black Guillemot. On our boat trip out of Bar Harbor we will see many seabirds, plus several species of whales, with Humpback being the most likely. Our first major stop as we head north from Machias is Moosehorn NWR, near the Canadian border. New species here may include American Bittern, Sora, Bay-breasted and Cape May Warblers, and perhaps a Moose, Black Bear, or Porcupine.  The second boat trip of our tour takes us to Machias Seal Island, where Atlantic Puffins are the star of the show. There are also Razorbills, Common Murres, Arctic Terns, and additional pelagic species. Gray Seals are likely, while Harbor Seals are common, and a few more whales are quite possible. Quoddy Head State Park and other spots near Machias will round out our tour, which ends back in Bangor.  This will complete a fine week of enjoying the natural riches for which Coastal Maine is famous. The Coastal Maine tour leader will be selected at a later date. We will take a maximum of seven participants. On rare occasion we may extend the maximum to ten participants. 

Price: $2725.00 from Bangor, Maine    

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One of the Best Vagrant & Migrant Traps on the East Coast!!
24 September 2018 - 28 September 2018, 5 days & 4 nights

 Monhegan is a small, picturesque island of 1.5 square-miles that lies ten miles off the coast of central Maine. It is a prime stopover for southbound migrants and vagrants blown offshore, especially with the passage of a high-pressure system and the ensuing northwest winds. It can be expected to produce an excellent sampling of eastern North American resident and migrant species, with a fair chance for a few western and southern vagrants. Previous excellent finds include Magnificent Frigatebird (!), Red-headed Woodpecker, Eastern & Western Kingbirds, Say's Phoebe (!!), Golden-winged Warbler, Prothonotary Warbler, Clay-colored and Lark Sparrows, and Red and White-winged Crossbills. We found a Black Skimmer on the 2010 tour. We'll watch for warblers and thrushes, finches and sparrows, and falcons and accipiters as we walk the island's 17 miles of trails and check favored locations such as the Ice Pond, Lobster Cove, and Burnt Head. Seabirds including guillemots, jaegers, shearwaters, and Northern Gannet are possible as we scan from the rocky headlands and during our 70-minute boat ride from the mainland. All four nights are in the same lodge on Monhegan. Go on both the Grand Manan (New Brunswick) and the Monhegan Tour, and the room and meals on the day between the two tours are FREE! The Grand Manan Tour is described separately, under New Brunswick. Bob Schutsky will be your leader for both tours. The Monhegan Tour is limited to ten participants.

Price: $2185.00 from Bangor, Maine    

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