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PRIVATE & CUSTOM TOURS -- We can conduct any of our tours privately, and at almost any time of the year. We can also prepare custom itineraries. Simply send us your wish list of birds, other animals, and destinations or habitats. We will gladly construct an itinerary just for you! Please click here to contact us.

Any tour dates that have already passed will be almost exactly the same dates in the upcoming year. Please contact Bird Treks with any tours that interest you, and we will update the exact dates and any change in price. If there is a change in the itinerary, we will also define that for you. Continue to check the web site for any additional updated tour information.

. . . . . 2017 TOUR SCHEDULE . . . . .


Coastal Migrants & a Superb Pelagic Trip
6 September 2017 - 11 September 2017, 6 days & 5 nights

Late summer on the Outer Banks: the weather is mild and the diversity of birds is phenomenal. A full day pelagic trip to the Gulf Stream is likely to produce Black-capped Petrel, Wilson's Storm-Petrel, Sooty and Bridled Terns, several species of shearwaters and jaegers, and often a rarity or two. Woodlands, thickets, marshes, mudflats, and sandy beaches retain many resident species and hold early migrants for extended periods. Areas that we will visit include Pea Island NWR, Oregon Inlet, Coquina Beach, Hatteras Point, and Bodie Island. We'll take the ferry across Hatteras Inlet and spend a day on Ocracoke Island. Some of the more unusual species that we may encounter include American Bittern, White Ibis, Merlin, King Rail, Piping Plover, American Avocet, and Marbled Godwit. One year we found a Roseate Spoonbill at Pea Island; another year there was a Long-billed Curlew! Among the many songbirds may be Brown-headed Nuthatch, Eastern Towhee, a variety of warblers, and perhaps a Lark Sparrow or Dickcissel. The tour leader has yet to be announced.  We will take a maximum of seven participants. On rare occasion we may extend the maximum to ten participants.

Price: $2325.00 from Norfolk, Virginia    

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