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Top 10 lists are voted upon by the participants at the completion of each tour.


20-26 June 2009
  2. Atlantic Puffin
  3. Chestnut-sided Warbler
  4. Common Murre
  5. Red-necked Grebe
  6. Bobolink
  7. Northern Goshawk
  8. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
  9. Golden-crowned Kinglet
  10. Common Eider

Additional sightings included Gray Seals at Machias Seal Island, Moose tracks in several locations, a very close Porcupine at Schoodic Point, a Gray Fox crossing a blueberry barren, and a Raccoon on rocks offshore from Quoddy Head Light, much too close to the surf. We watched a female Snapping Turtle that appeared to have laid her eggs just before we arrived. A juvenile Hairy Woodpecker with yellow instead of red on top of its head caused us to think about American Three-toed Woodpecker, until we realized that none of the other field marks fit. And we had wonderful views of two beautiful Luna Moths.


5-11 July 2005
  1. SPRUCE GROUSE--incredibly close looks at a female roosting on the ground near Topsfield.
  2. Atlantic Puffin--nice views of 100 or more at Petit Manan Island on our whale watch trip.
  3. Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow--very cooperative adults feeding young at Lubec.
  4. Razorbill--also seen well at Petit Manan.
  5. Bald Eagle--many good views throughout the tour, especially on the islands near Bar Harbor.
  6. Blackburnian Warbler--stunning looks at males and females at several locations.
  7. Common Eider--males, females, and young were seen every day that we were on the coast.
  8. Great Cormorant--a single immature bird at Quoddy Head State Park.
  9. Upland Sandpiper--a considerable amount of searching paid off with excellent views at the Meddybemps blueberry barrens.
  10. Common Loon--another daily bird along the coast, with nice scope views of breeding-plumaged individuals.

Our most exciting land mammal was a female Moose that we saw on our way to the Bangor Airport. We also enjoyed a Red Fox, a waddling Porcupine, and a few Snowshoe Hares. At sea we had superb looks at Finback Whales, Harbor Porpoises, and Harbor Seals. The Snapping Turtle walking down the shoulder of the road was also a big hit.


5-11 July 2003
  1. ATLANTIC PUFFIN--just a few feet from us on Machias Seal Island
  2. Razorbill--same close views as the Puffins
  3. Peregrine Falcon--adults and newly fledged young on a Mount Desert Island cliff nesting site
  4. Blackburnian Warbler--great looks at numerous individuals
  5. Arctic Tern--even CLOSER than the Puffins and Razorbills
  6. Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow--scope view at Quoddy Head
  7. Gray Jay--a noisey family group near Topsfield
  8. Common Loon--the calling adult stole the show
  9. Chestnut-sided Warbler--scope view of an adult male
  10. Common Murre--now nesting on Machias Seal Island

Our first morning at sea with Captain Patterson produced large numbers of Razorbills and Common Murres, Gray and Harbor Seals, plus Atlantic Puffins just a few feet away. The whale watch trip yielded 3 Humpback, 4 Minke, and 8 Finback Whales, plus Greater Shearwaters and Wilson's Storm-Petrels. On land we saw Arctic Hares, a Red Fox, and fresh Moose tracks.

23-29 June 2001
  2. Razorbill
  3. Arctic Tern
  4. Red Crossbill
  5. Boreal Chickadee
  6. Osprey
  7. Greater Shearwater
  8. Black Tern
  9. Black Guillemot
  10. Northern Parula

Mammalian highlights included Finback and Minke Whales and two cow Moose.

25-30 June 1999
  1. Atlantic Puffin
  2. Chestnut-sided Warbler
  3. Nashville Warbler
  4. Hermit Thrush
  5. Purple Finch
  6. Peregrine Falcon
  7. Greater Shearwater
  8. Bald Eagle
  9. Common Loon
  10. Gray Jay

The Humpback Whales breaching in tandem at close range was an incredible mammalian highlight.

28 JUNE - 3 JULY 1997
  1. Atlantic Puffin
  2. Razorbill
  3. Greater Shearwater
  4. Leach's Storm-Petrel
  5. Northern Fulmar
  6. Black-backed Woodpecker
  7. Common Eider
  8. Parasitic Jaeger
  9. Osprey
  10. Arctic Tern
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