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17-21 September 2012

  1. ATLANTIC PUFFIN--many seen well on our half-day pelagic trip and several found on our ferry crossing to the island.
  2. South Polar Skua--four found on our pelagic trip. This has been an amazingly good year for South Polar Skuas near Grand Manan.
  3. Great Shearwater--hundreds seen on the pelagic trip, often right beside the boat.
  4. Pomarine Jaeger--many seen from shore and from our boat. Some were at exceedingly close range, sometimes stealing fish from gulls.
  5. American Pipit--a small flock along the shore at Castalia was quite cooperative.
  6. Sooty Shearwater--100 or more seen from the outbound ferry and on our pelagic trip. There were frequent close comparisons with Great Shearwaters.
  7. Black-legged Kittiwake--a daily sight in the waters and coastline of Grand Manan.
  8. Red-eyed Vireo--two near The Whistle gave us prolonged eye-level views.
  9. Ruffed Grouse--one was perched on the shoulder of the road at The Whistle.
  10. Red-breasted Nuthatch--great views and large numbers, usually in spruce trees.

Mammalian highlights included at least twenty-five Finback Whales on our pelagic trip, plus numerous Harbor Porpoises, Harbor Seals, and several Gray Seals, mostly seen from shore. On land we saw a Snowshoe Hare, several Red Squirrels, and signs of Beaver. Butterflies were common and included Monarchs, Red Admirals, American Ladies and Painted Ladies, and Common Buckeyes. Sulphurs and Cabbage Whites were abundant.


19-24 Sep 2003

  1. RUFF--great scope views of a juvenile bird at Castalia Marsh. This is only the third record of this Eurasian shorebird for Grand Manan (previous records 1884 and 1984).
  2. Blackpoll Warbler--landed and found insects on our boat, 10 miles at sea!
  3. Atlantic Puffin--many close views on our pelagic trip.
  4. Dickcissel--nice male in the scope at South Head Point Lighthouse.
  5. Greater Shearwater--hundreds on our boat and ferry rides.
  6. American Golden-Plover--scope views of a juvenile at Castalia Marsh.
  7. Wood Duck--great looks at several perched drakes.
  8. Sooty Shearwater--came to chum right beside the boat along with the Greater Shearwaters.
  9. Bald Eagles--many views of adults and immatures.
  10. Manx Shearwater--2 quick but distinctive looks on our pelagic trip.

We had wonderful views of Finback and Minke Whales, plus large numbers of Harbor Seals and Harbor Porpoises. A River Otter put in a brief appearance at Long Pond.

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