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Top 10 lists are voted upon by the participants at the completion of each tour.


2-6 May 2013

  1) ICELAND GULL--this bird was a big surprise, as it was so late in the season. It was a sub-adult, probably 1st-summer, at the mouth of Montauk Harbor. Ellie first saw it in flight, then we found it perched on a gravel bar.
  2) Common Eider--there was a single, sub-adult drake at Montauk Point, and three sub-adult drakes at Shinnecock Inlet.
  3) Piping Plover--we found this federally threatened shorebird at several locations, but it was especially numerous at the Jones Beach Coast Guard Station. Great looks.
  4) Red-throated Loon--found in small numbers almost everywhere that we scanned the ocean.
  5) Killdeer with babies--both parents with four newly hatched young at Jones Beach, west end. Adorable!
  6) Black-legged Kittiwake--distant view of an adult feeding with other gulls and terns at Montauk Point.
  7) Black-and-white Warbler--seen well and in good numbers in the Camp Hero woodlands.
  8) Glossy Ibis--excellent looks at several adults at Napeague Harbor.
  9) White-crowned Sparrow--a single adult was feeding on the shoulder of the road at Jones Beach.
10) Yellow-crowned Night-Heron--Rick found an adult at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. We all had scope views.
11) Horned Lark--on two different visits we saw a single adult at the Jones Beach Coast Guard Station. It was probably nesting.
12) Greater Yellowlegs--fine looks at several individuals in full breeding plumage.

Interesting mammals included a Harbor Seal at Montauk Point, and a Gray Fox carrying an Eastern Gray Squirrel near our motel in Montauk. Our two reptiles were an Eastern Garter Snake and a Common Snapping Turtle.


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