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Top 10 lists are voted upon by the participants at the completion of each tour.


Custom South Texas--Rio Grande Valley Hawk Watch Tour:
15-22 March 2011

  1) EASTERN SCREECH-OWL--great looks on a night walk at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park.
  2) Black-necked Stilt--always a stunning shorebird, seen at various locations.
  3) Long-billed Curlew--first bird that we saw as we drove away from the McAllen Airport. Seen many times subsequent to that.
  4) Scaled Quail--a pair came in to feed at a campsite at Falcon State Park.
  5) Green Parakeet--500+ coming to roost at 10th and Dove Streets in McAllen! What a racket!!!!
  6) Common Pauraque--incredible scope views at a roosting individual at Estero Llano Grande State Park.
  7) American White Pelican--seen daily, especially at the hawk watch sites. As many as 150 in a single flock.
  8) Harris’s Hawk--stunning looks at solitary individuals.
  9) White-tailed Kite--seen at numerous locations, but especially notable was a nesting pair near the Bentsen hawk watch platform.
10) Muscovy Duck--seven different birds flying up and down the Rio Grande at the village of Salineno.

In a single day at Bentsen State Park we saw a Bobcat early in the morning, then on a night walk we saw another Bobcat, plus three Striped Skunks and a Virginia Opossum. That is also when we had great looks at the gray Eastern Screech-Owl, the number one bird of the tour. It was a good evening! We saw Mexican Ground Squirrels at Bentsen during the day. Laguna Atascosa NWR was good for two American Alligators, a Texas Indigo Snake, and a 6-7 foot Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake, an exceedingly large individual. At Laguna we also saw several White Mullet (fish) in the air, held fast by Osprey in their talons. We had good looks at two Guadalupe Spiny Softshells (turtles).


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