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10-19 August 2004

  1) WHITE-TAILED PTARMIGAN--we found FOUR of these lovely birds at very close range high above Paradise on Mount Rainier.
  2) Mountain Quail--a very vocal family of 2 adults and 4 young at the Port Orchard Airport.
  3) Bar-tailed Godwit--an adult bird in almost full breeding plumage at Tokeland with 450 Marbled Godwits.
  4) California Quail--repeated close looks at 3 males and 8 young near our motel in Sequim.
  5) Prairie Falcon--the ptarmigan announced its presence when they looked up and called as the falcon passed overhead, backlit against a clear blue sky.
  6) Black-footed Albatross--many great looks during our day at sea.
  7) Tufted Puffin--one especially cooperative breeding-plumaged adult on our pelagic trip.
  8) Long-tailed Jaeger--an adult with full tail streamers, right over our boat!
  9) Sabineís Gull--several adult birds flying and on the water during our pelagic trip.
10) Cassinís Auklet--these birds usually fly or dive as soon as we spot them. This one sat on the surface next to the boat for prolonged views.

Terrestrial highlights included a quick look at a Black Bear, many Elk and Mule Deer, close views of Hoary Marmot, and lots of Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels, including the ones that joined our picnic. Banana Slugs and Mound-building Ants are always intriguing. At sea we saw Dallís and Harbor Porpoises, Northern Fur and Elephant Seals, Blue Sharks, and the bizarre Ocean Sunfish. We had excellent looks at a male Elephant Seal from shore at Dungeness NWR.

12-21 August 2003

  1) WHITE-TAILED PTARMIGAN--a very cooperative pair at close range on Mount Rainier
  2) Blue Grouse--many views including a male, plus females with young
  3) Black Oystercatcher--great looks on our last day
  4) Tufted Puffin--full adult on our Westport pelagic trip
  5) Harlequin Duck--dozens at Ediz Hook
  6) Black-footed Albatross--many close looks on our day at sea
  7) Marbled Godwit--a close flock of about 300 birds at Tokeland
  8) California Quail--a family with young the size of pingpong balls
  9) American Kestrel--nice views of males and females hunting
10) Common Merganser--a family group in great plumage

Interesting terrestrial sightings included Hoary Marmots, Pika and Mountain Goats in the highlands, and Elk in the front yard of our lodge. At sea we saw Humpback Whales, Elephant, Northern Fur, and Harbor Seals, and Harbor and Dall's Porpoises. We also saw a number of Blue Sharks and Ocean Sunfish. The Perseid meteor shower put on a nice show.

16-25 August 2000

  2 South Polar Skua
  3 Sabineís Gull
  4 American Dipper
  5 Yellow-billed Loon
  6 Horned Puffin
  7 Sky Lark
  8 Long-tailed Jaeger
  9 Spotted Owl (heard only)
10 Blue Grouse
We also enjoyed watching a Gray Whale from a suburban backyard, Blue Shark and Ocean Sunfish on our pelagic trip, numerous Harbor Seals, and whistling Hoary Marmots and Pikas on Mount Rainier.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST, WA & BC: 12 - 21 August 1998
  1) Northern Pygmy-Owl
  2) Blue Grouse
  3) Spruce Grouse
  4) Crested Myna
  5) Bar-tailed Godwit
  6) Gray Jay
  7) Northern Goshawk
  8) Sabine's Gull
  9) Sky Lark
10) South Polar Skua
Votes for the most interesting mammal included Mountain Goat, Elk, and Black Bear.

  1) Sky Lark
  2) Sandhill Crane
  3) Yellow-billed Loon
  4) Yellow-headed Blackbird
  5) Crested Myna
  6) Marbled Murrelet
  7) Anna's Hummingbird
  8) Rock Sandpiper
  9) Spruce Grouse
10) American Bittern
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