Boreal species and nesting shorebirds...

Churchill, near 60 degrees north latitude, where Canada’s vast boreal forest slopes to the tundra and Hudson Bay, the largest bay in the world. Churchill is accessible only by air, boat, or train: no roads lead there! We’ll travel by air.

Open prairies and lakes of southeastern Manitoba, with their summer wildflowers and displaying songbirds, shorebirds, and breeding waterfowl.

Riding Mountain National Park, extensive boreal habitat that contrasts nicely with the vast plains further south, both in vegetation and its birdlife. This is our best chance for Great Gray Owl, Connecticut Warbler, and Black Bear.

The open prairies of southwestern Manitoba with unique birdlife and more wildflowers, plus Douglas Marsh, home to LeConte’s and Nelson’s Sparrows and the elusive Yellow Rail.

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Best Season:Summer
Popular Location: Churchill River, Hudson Bay, Oak Hammock Marsh