Puerto Rico Escape – Endemics and Island Birding

Puerto Rico, the smallest and eastern-most island of the Greater Antilles, is full of beauty and amazing avian species. Surrounded by the gorgeous blues, turquoises, and greens of the warm Caribbean waters, this island features a multitude of habitats from highland forests to coastal wetlands. Puerto Rico is often overlooked when it comes to the larger islands in the Greater Antilles. However, this island has so much to offer! With 17 endemic bird species plus a host of other great Caribbean specials, Puerto Rico is a birder’s paradise. These amazing species include Puerto Rican TodyPuerto Rican OwlPuerto Rican Lizard Cuckoo, and Adelaide’s Warbler.

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Best Season:All seasons
Popular Location: Rio Abajo State Forest, Cambalache State Forest