Mountains, wetlands and the Pacific Ocean - California Dreaming...

California conjures up visions of sun-baked landscapes, scenic mountain vistas, the blue Pacific, and expansive wetlands. The birds are no less spectacular, with everything from Black-footed Albatross to Lawrence's Goldfinch. During this two-week tour we will search for many of the birds that California has to offer.

Habitats that we visit include marshlands and tidal wetlands around Monterey Bay and Bodega Bay, the scenic Sierras rich with montane birds including seven species of woodpeckers, and the sage-filled lands east of the Sierras that harbor Greater Sage-Grouse and Mountain Bluebird. We will bird mixed oak woodlands that contain several species of owls and passerines not easily found in other habitats.

TWO Shearwater Journeys pelagic trips are included on select tours for species such as Long-tailed Jaeger, South Polar Skua, Buller's Shearwater, and Ashy StormPetrel. On these trips and the Santa Cruz Island boat ride, there is an excellent chance for whales, including Humpback and the magnificent Blue Whale!

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Best Season:All Seasons
Popular Location: San Diego, Monterey, Salton Sea