Exploring the islands for birds and the Gulf of Maine for whales...

The Grand Manan Archipelago that consists of the 100 square-mile main island and 20 smaller islands. It is one of the finest migrant and vagrant traps in the Canadian Maritimes.

We'll travel by van to all of the most scenic and best birding spots on the main island, including The Whistle, Swallow Tail, Castalia Marsh, Southwest Head Lighthouse, and the Grand Manan Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

We'll travel by boat to Whitehead Island, and on another day sail into deeper water for some fine pelagic birding and whale watching. Our September 2012 pelagic trip was spectacular, both for birds and whales, and comfortable weather.

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Best Season:Fall
Popular Location: Grand Manan, Moosehorn NWR, White Head Island